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Reviews and News for Saturday July 5th 2014


Yep more tech news from around the world. Last night was the 4th of course and my neighbors were shooting off fireworks all day and night to my annoyance and my dogs weren’t happy either. It wouldn’t have been so bad except the houses are close together and they were lighting firecrackers right between the houses. They were doing it until like 2am, that’s ridiculous, these people are going to stop. According to local law they can’t ‘party’ like they’re been doing between 11pm and 7am or they get fined and even possible jail time if they don’t pay the fine. Whatever.. read the news..

LG G Watch Delivery July 7th from Mobile Fun


Mobile Fun just dropped me a quick note to let me know they’re taking pre-order for the LG G Watch and they’re shipping them out July 7th so I thought I’d share that info with you..


Just wanted to let you know we have the LG G Watch announced at Google IO yesterday, available for order at £159.00. We’ll have stock at the end of next week for delivery to customers on 7th July.

There’s already quite a buzz around the watch as you would expect