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Review of Aennon Multi-Function LED Headlamp For Handsfree Lighting

Flashlights are great, I’ve got a few good ones that have come in very handy in many situations, but sometimes you need your hands free and that’s where a decent headlamp style light comes into play.

Today for review I’ve got the Aennon Multi-Function LED Headlamp For Handsfree Lighting and it costs about $15 on Amazon right now. I’ve had other headlamps and I’ve used them for many projects but they weren’t the best and even though this one is inexpensive, it’s much nicer than the others I’ve owned. This headlamp features three levels of brightness with eight LEDs for up to 30 lumens of power but it also has a red LED which can be used in various situations where white just isn’t the best. Read on the learn more…


Chipmunk in My Yard

So it seems a chipmunk has made himself a home in the hole at the bottom of the wall in my backyard.


I have bird feeders back there and I guess he realized he can get a quick meal now of seeds from what the birds drop. He’s a brave little chipmunk.. I have a sliding glass door back there actually and he comes right up to it and eats even if I’m standing right there. There are a few squirrels around but they run as soon as they see me, this chipmunk stayed there until I opened the door and then he ran to the hole and stopped and turned around and just sat there. I went and got my camera and he was still sitting there just staring at me.. Cute little guy…

Deer in My Yard

So I have woods and a hill behind my house and there are several deer that live there and I see them all the time. They’ve never come into the yard because it’s about a five foot drop and I have a fence but they do come right down. I like to throw scraps up to them, old apple, carrots and carrot shavings which they seem to really like.


One is right there looking at me, and the other is off to the right and up a bit, it was starting to walk away when I snapped the picture.

I named them ‘breakfast’ and ‘lunch’….  ‘dinner’ is a rather large buck who wasn’t around, or he was up on the hill and I didn’t see him. They blend in so well with the woods.

Hawk in My Yard

Just random nature picture…


So I went outside the other day to take the dog out and there was a rather large Hawk in my backyard. He was actually sitting about 15 feet from the back door on the hill, I didn’t even notice him until he flew off and startled me. He went right up into the tree and I tried to get a good picture of him, but he really just blends in.

He’s right there in the center of the picture..

Outdoor Sports Locking Carabineer Review

Carabineers are very useful I’ve found, not just for climbing, but for plenty of other uses. I’ve used one for years with my keys, I like to keep my house and car keys and other things separate on my key ring, I just find it makes life easier. I’ve found that a regular carabineer though can pop open if it’s in your pocket and when you pull your keys out not everything will come out as it should together. I get plenty of stuff for review and most of it’s tech, but some of it isn’t and I recently saw a chance to review locking carabineers from Deal Extreme or and I jumped on the chance as I’ve always wanted to get one but it just wasn’t a priority for me and I never really think of it when I’m shopping. So today for review I’ve got an inexpensive set of five locking carabineers and I thought you might be interested in checking them out…