The Top 5 Highlights of Owning an iPhone 7

There are lots of great phones that can serve you a better deal in terms of an upgrade especially in the iPhone series. Whatever type of phone you intend to buy, I would advise that you try out the iPhone 7. Despite being released back in 2016, the iconic device comes with a plethora of advantages. I have personally owned the unparalleled gadget from its year of release and don’t think I will be discarding of it sooner for a superior version like the iPhone 8 or iPhone X.  



  • Cutting-edge design


Most of iPhone 7’s predecessors bore a utilitarian design, but with the iPhone 7, things took a new twist. There is the controversial omission of the headphone jack, while at the same time upgrading dust and waterproof capabilities; these three features have been successively carried down to the subsequent iPhones releases. Actually, iPhone 7’s design presented what can be termed as the ‘future of phones’, not to forget its immovable home button which elicits instant reactions from users.



  • Functioning and powerful operating system


Powerful would be the unsuitable term to describe iPhone 7’s A10 Processor which offers a much better user experience every buyer would want to get out of his or her hard earned mobile device. The A10 Fusion makes it possible for users to harness a new wave of powerful apps on the Apple’s Device powered by iOS 10. And when the only problem you encounter is the limitation to one carrier, you do not need to worry as Why The Lucky Stiff can be part of the solutions to your struggles.



  • The best battery life compared to other iPhones


With the impressive performance comes another added advantage that other iPhones seemingly do not enjoy. The iPhone 7 has a battery capacity of 1960 mAh giving users a seamless and prolonged interaction time with their gadgets compared to iPhone 8 with 1,821 mAh, iPhone 6S with 1715 mAh, and iPhone 6 with 1810 mAh. It is evident that Apple has not made a major progression in its battery life since the release of iPhone 6, another major reason why I cannot rush for an upgrade.



  • Cameras that effectively capture memories


Despite a general slow progression in cameras for most of iPhone’s releases, iPhone cameras are the best cameras most people will ever own. They incredibly capture memories, a future which has been emboldened in iPhone 7. An additional optical image stabilization capability, a wider colour capture, and low light performance are some of the bold steps iPhone 7 has made with a 12MP back camera and 7MP front camera.


  • Future proof capabilities


Finally, compared to its predecessors, iPhone 7 the only option bearing future proof marks. It runs a range of applications and features not available on the earlier released versions. WIth its iOS 10 Operating System, the phone virtually runs any application created for the iPhones, an indication that it will consistently carry its users into the future by offering the easiest upgrade to the latest technologies.