The 3 Tips to Unlocking your iPhone by using iCloud


Getting an iPhone is an exciting experience. But if you received a second-hand unit, or a gift perhaps, you may face some problems logging in on iCloud. Don’t worry because you just stumbled upon the best unlocker guide on how to unlock your iPhone with locked iCloud. Read on further to learn about 3 unlocking ways, and see what works for you.

1. Bypass iCloud via iPhone settings

This is the quickest way to bypass iCloud activation. All you need to do is navigate to your iPhone settings and look for an active Wifi network you want to connect to. Click on the information icon of that network to reveal the details. Now you have to update the existing DNS settings and replace it with your own, based on your location. Click on the DNS field and enter a new one. Here’s a DNS guide for you:

  • Asia:
  • Europe:
  • USA, Canada, and North America:
  • Others:

Now, tap the back button and go to ‘Activation Help’. When the bypass is complete, you’ll receive a message saying you’ve successfully connected to the server. That’s a sign that your iCloud has been unlocked. Note that this solution is only a temporary fix and not a permanent one. Read further to learn about permanent ways to unlock your iCloud.

2. Unlock using Official iPhone Unlock

A quick, easy, and permanent way to unlock an iCloud locked iPhone is using Official iPhone Unlock. This service is one of the top unlock solutions out there as it doesn’t require you to jailbreak your phone. Also, every solution is carrier specific so you don’t accidentally get the wrong unlock code. Best of all, it works on all iPhone models and supports all iOS versions, even the future ones. Yup, it pretty much works on every iPhone.

To explore this solution, head on to the Official iPhone Unlock website and select iCloud unlock on the navigation bar. Under device details, choose your handset model, and enter your IMEI. You can get your IMEI by dialing *#06# on your phone. On the succeeding pages you’ll be asked to supply your contact details, including an active email address. Your email address will be used to notify you when the unlock is done.

You’ll be charged around $25 to $30 for the process which could take 1 to 3 days. Once the unlock is over, you will receive an email notification that your iPhone has been successfully unlocked.

3. Unlock for free by going to an Apple store

If you’re the original owner of the phone who really just forgot his iCloud password, by all means seek help from an Apple store. You don’t have have to spend a dime to have them retrieve your details and reset your credentials. But you’ll go through a tedious process proving you’re the original owner of the unit. Apple is pretty strict when it comes to user validation, so come prepared. If you bought the phone from another retailer, some due diligence would get you the correct user details you need. This method may free, but it’s not exactly quick and easy. Still worth a shot, though!