4 Impressive Garden Improvements that Men will Appreciate


Gardening can be a good pastime for those who are looking for a new hobby to take up. It is not only good for exercise but also reconnects you to nature.

Aside from that, gardens are also a great way to make your house and lot look more attractive. Unfortunately, not a lot of men enjoy tending to a garden. But there are ways to get them interested, such as doing some projects in your garden that you know the men in your household will appreciate.

Check out some the garden improvements that you can do. You can choose one of the projects and make it a goal to achieve this year.

1. Koi pond – if you have a big garden and you don’t want to waste space, build a koi pond. This will surely be appreciated not just by you, but everyone in the family. It does not only bring additional interest in the garden area, but you can actually educate your children when you build a koi pond. Just make sure that you’re ready to make a commitment because building a koi pond will require quite a lot of maintenance. You need to make sure that the water is not only healthy and clean but that the pond will not be infested by other insects and algae.

2. Landscaping – landscaping is not just putting some plants and rocks together. It is truly an art and requires skill not just in horticulture but also artistic design. Those who do this for a living have studied not only what plants go together, but even the weather and the kinds of soil as they are different depending on the region. When landscaping, try to think of the kids of fauna that your man might enjoy. If he is not a fan of flowers, maybe you can put some sturdy trees instead. You can even place a hammock between those trees and turn it into the perfect location for an afternoon nap.

3. Campfire pit – do you and your man like entertaining guests? If you have a wide space in your garden, you can add another spot for entertaining by building a campfire pit for everyone to enjoy. Just make sure that you follow regulations and that your location will be quite far from shrubs that might catch fire. Enjoy this fire pit during cold months while having a barbecue party with friends.

4. Treehouse – this is a great project to do if you have kids or grandkids. This kind of addition to your garden will be something that everyone can enjoy for years to come. Of course, you have to build it in a location where it’s not too high so that there is less danger. It would be unfortunate if any untoward incident happens. Also choose the tree that you will build on, such as maple hemlock or fir.

For projects such as these, you can get the help of professionals or you can do it yourself, provided of course that you have the proper tools and equipment. Big projects would require digging so you need some heavy equipment. Check out some of the excavators and other machinery at rent1usa.com to get started with your garden project today.