4 Tips to Dating People of a Different Race


For most Americans, interracial dating and marriage is no longer a strange idea compared to how it was perceived a few decades back. In fact, it was exactly 50 years ago since laws banning interracial marriage in the country were deemed unconstitutional. The ruling, together with the open minds of the younger generation, led to an increase of interracial dating rates. In the United States, approximately one in every six new marriages is comprised of couples from different races and ethnicities.

Although interracial dating is now widely accepted in the society, there are still some people who do not fully welcome the idea. Aside from the pressure coming from a close-minded minority, cultural and language barriers also play a role in making interracial dating a challenge for both parties. But as they say, love conquers all obstacles. Asian women, Latino men, white women, black men; whatever your race is, it is always possible to find the relationship that you really want. Read more about the top 4 tips to dating people of a different race and make your relationship a successful one.

1. Constant communication is the key.

Communication is always an essential part of every relationship, be it just a friendship or a romantic one. Always open up and don’t even try to ruin your partner’s trust by being dishonest on what you say. Since you are from two different cultures, there are definitely so many things that you can talk about and experiences that you can share. Even if you have already progressed from the dating stage, do not forget that the topic of every conversation is not just about yourself. Always ask how your partner is doing and the rest of the conversation will just go on smoothly.

2. Do not be afraid to talk about your differences.

Being a sensitive topic does not mean that race should not be talked about during your conversations. During a date, do not always assume that all differences will immediately be accepted. Getting to know each other is a long process while having all people around you accept your relationship is a longer one.

3. Speak up to other people if you need to.

In every interracial relationship, there are always people who ask so many questions and there are those who go beyond the limit, to the point of giving an insult. Don’t be afraid to speak up while maintaining respect for other people’s opinions. Educate them about how racist insults can harm not only your relationship but also the freedom of the people to love who they want to love. Racist comments should not be ignored, whether they are family or friends, and should be addressed by giving them proper information.

4. Always keep an open mind.

Learning about new things should be a regular thing in any kind of interracial relationship. Always keep an open mind and be sensitive to your dating partner’s feelings. A compliment in one culture might bear a negative connotation in another. So always think twice before saying or doing anything to be able for you to maintain a long and healthy relationship.