3D Printed Parts for MP Select Mini


So one of the great things about the Monoprice MP Select Mini is the fact that it’s easily upgradeable and you can just print all of the parts on the printer itself. So I’ve got a collection of them in this post, some are still in use and some aren’t anymore as I’ve found better or upgraded to a metal part actually.

This is a mounting plate for the Nema 17 Z axis motor upgrade, yep it’s still in use.


These are just bowden clips, I don’t use them anymore though as I found it’s better not to really


These are mounts for the print bed, I upgraded to a larger bed. These ones are printed in gray but I actually did them in white as I decided to do all of my parts in white. Yes these are still in use.


3D printed extruder, used this for a while but found a deal on an all metal MK8 extruder, but this isn’t bad at all.


This is a clamp for the Z axis, never used it actually as I ended up just buying the Nema 17 with better lead screw.


This is a spindle rounder, used it for a long time but found a better solution, this isn’t bad though for what it is.

mpspool1 thinspool

This is a plate for mounting the heater PCB and moving it over inside of the printer, yes still using it, works great.


X axis end stop[ bracket, good upgrade to move the X axis end stop, still using it


This little guy stop the X axis pulley from twisting, great upgrade, still using it of course.


Belt tensioners for X and Y, only using the X one still as I found a better solution for the Y axis belt



These are stabilizers for the Z axis, works great, good upgrade for sure.


Cooling duct for original MP Select Mini hot end, this is the best one I’ve found. I like this one because it works with both PLA and ABS as it has a section to remove to divert the air.


Just a fan guard, stopped using it though as I found one I liked better…


This is just for fun, it’s a turret that goes on the extruder and moves as the extruder feeds filament, cool…


My filament combo guide and cleaner



I have a lot more actually, just didn’t take pics of everything. I’ll do a second post with those I guess.