Biggest Hits at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show


The annual Consumer Electronics Show was held in Las Vegas from the 5th to the 8th of January and as usual, attracted huge crowds. Many of the innovations showcased have a lot of potential, while some seemed a little quirky, and others were downright hilarious.

We all know technology is progressing faster and faster all the time, and the Consumer Electronics Show always illustrates the latest ways in which it can be used. They might not all work out in the long run, but they push the boundaries and are often the start of a truly impressive new trend.

Virtual Reality took a while to really take off, but it is coming into its own with several different applications in several different industries now. There’s even a Virtual Reality Theme Park planned for October 2017 in Las Vegas, and it’s not the first in the world either.

If you weren’t lucky enough to get to Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show this year, check out some of the weirdest and wackiest ideas and innovations you missed out on seeing.

Internet-Enabled Everything

The Internet of Things has established itself very firmly, and while more and more devices are internet-enabled in useful ways, sometimes developers can get a little carried away. An internet-enabled bin that can order more trash bags, for example, might seem a little much. But there are other gadgets that are a little more useful!


Hair Care Genius

The Kérastase Hair Coach Wi-Fi-enabled Hairbrush uses load sensors, a gyroscope and an accelerometer to gather data on the condition of the hair being brushed. This information is then combined with weather reports, and different products are recommended to you.

Zzzzzz-Zeeq Tight

The Zeeq, a smart pillow that was also introduced at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, can record your snoring and your movements while you sleep, and can then allow you to view these and other statistics online. It’s perfect if you need to track your sleep patterns for any reason, and you can also set a built-in alarm to wake you up by vibrating gently.


U Shower

Something that might seem less useful than the Zeeq or the Hair Coach is the U Shower by Moen. Bringing the Internet of Things into the bathroom, it allows you to set the temperature of your shower, and to receive a notification when it’s ready, on your smartphone. It literally saves you a few seconds and costs over $1,000, though for someone with peripheral neuropathy who can’t tell when water is dangerously hot it could be useful!

PowerVision’s PowerRay

A gadget that may appeal to fishing enthusiasts, the PowerRay can beam live 4K video to your smartphone from depths of up to 30 metres. With its Fishfinder sonar alert it can tell you about a potential catch and you can view the footage with a VR headset that creates more immersive experiences.


Hover Camera Passport Drone

The tiny Chinese quadcopter folds to the size of a hardback book, and comes in a carbo-fibre cage. This means you can launch it or catch it in your hand, and its computer vision means it can find its owner and then follow them so they are easier to control. It will be able to take fantastic pictures from unique angles with its 4K camera – just use it for more than selfies to load to your Instagram page!