Review of Mira Sport 9.0KW Electric Shower


If you’re looking for the right electric shower for your home, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Mira Sport 9.0KW along your search. It has a great new look and enhanced fittings that it can probably be the best Mira electric shower yet.

Mira Sport 9.0K electric shower is white in color and comes with a smooth chrome detailing. It’s a perfect match for homes aiming for a sleek and sophisticated look. As for performance, its 110mm showerhead comes with various spray types. You can choose to shower with a light drizzle or go for a more forceful flow. It also includes a safety feature, called SensiFlow, which works to stop water heating in case there’s an obstruction in its flow. This decreases the chances of burning yourself and scalding.

Although this 9.0K electric shower doesn’t really increase the amount of water that comes out of it, it can still give you a refreshing time under the shower with its Airboost technology. It works by pumping a burst of air along with the water. This can increase your water flow rate as high as 30% without sending your water bill off the roof.

The electric shower is relatively easy to install as well. It includes an adjustable center which you can use to cover any exposed screw holes left by your previous shower. Since it can be retrofitted, there’s no need for you to drill any extra holes in your wall. Adjusting the shower height is also a breeze.

And because it comes with its ClearScale Technology, you can skip searching online on how to clean a showerhead. This electric shower only needs warm water and a piece of cloth and you can practically rub away any hard water stains from the entire device. Mira Sports 9.0K can resist lime scale formation by as much as 50%.

Temperature and power controls come separately so you can conveniently adjust the shower to your preference. It includes a light indicator to guide you of the shower’s existing setting. Aside from the actual electric shower, you also have the option to include a soap dish and hose retaining rings to keep your lines nice and tidy.

Compared with other electric showers, this one comes with a 2-year warranty that includes both parts and labor. Although the brand claims that its electric shower is of top quality, it’s still reassuring to have a warranty as comprehensive as what Mira offers.