Why Online Tech Could Put Vegas Out of Business


If you’ve ever seen Ocean’s Eleven, the Hangover or Rain Man then you’ll have undoubtedly been captivated by the allure of casino games such as blackjack and roulette.

The magic of stepping into a plush-looking casino in a dapper suit, taking on the dealer in a battle of wits and coming away with more money than you can carry is something many of us have dreamed of. However, getting to Las Vegas and anteing up at the tables is an expensive endeavor and beyond the means of most. Fortunately, thanks to advances in technology it’s possible to enjoy casino games via the internet.

Thanks to online casino operators such as William Hill or 32Red, you can now enjoy the best online roulette games for UK gamers and win real money just like Rain Man without leaving the comfort of your own home. However, before you rush off with your head filled with Vegas dreams, it’s important to understand the nuances of the industry.

To assist you in your quest for fun and entertainment, we’ve decided to conduct one of our customary reviews and look at why anteing up via your computer is actually better than travelling to Vegas. Using roulette as our base game (because it’s easy to play and highly entertaining), we’ve broken down some of the main things you need to look out for when you sign-up to 32Red or one of its iGaming peers.


Choose the Right Board


When you log into an online casino such as LuxuryCasino or 32Red you’ll find two main roulette options: European and American. Although your head will probably be filled with thoughts of Vegas, our experience tells us that the European version is better.

In terms of payouts, European and American roulette offer you the same returns. However, there is an additional betting option in the latter and that means the casino actually has a greater edge (5.26% vs. 2.70%). This, in turn, means you’ll enjoy more wins when you play European roulette, so make sure you choose the right board.


Select Your Stakes


Unlike Las Vegas, online gambling is all about fun and that means playing for stakes that you can afford. In fact, one of the reasons online gambling is a more attractive option than live casino gaming is because it’s cheaper.

Aside from the lack of travel costs, the average stakes online start from $1 per bet. In contrast, a spin of the roulette wheel at the Bellagio will cost you at least $10. Therefore, if you want to play for less, it’s actually better to go online.

Don’t Spin to Win


Related to the above point, and one of the main things we found during our review of online roulette, is that fun is the name of the game. As we’ve said, the allure of Las Vegas thanks to films such as the Hangover and Ocean’s Eleven has exposed more people to the world of gambling in recent years. However, at its heart, Vegas is for hardcore gamblers. To survive in Sin City you need a lot of money and an intimate knowledge of gambling.

In contrast, online gambling is more focused on recreational players and entertainment. Indeed, even if you don’t fancy spending real money, you can actually play for free when you join a site such as 32Red. Having this luxury means you can learn the game and enjoy the rush of action like the pros without having to spend a penny.

While we’d certainly enjoy a free trip to Las Vegas, we found that online casinos are just as enjoyable. As long as you’re able to make the right choices and take full advantage of the medium’s best assets, you should find that staying in with your pyjamas and playing casino games on is just as entertaining as following in the footsteps of Rain Man.




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