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Compro TN900RW 720P PTZ Network Camera Review


New review by me on Technogog


Quote: “Lately I’ve seen more of a trend of moving toward a connected home where you specifically can control devices while you’re not there. We’ve had IP style security cameras for a while now and they’re getting better all the time, not only the picture quality, but adding more features. Some of my favorite cameras are from Compro and I have another one of theirs for review today called the TN900RW with the R standing for Remote and the W standing for Wireless. The TN900RW features up to 720P resolution and the ability to pan, tilt and zoom which are great but it also has a built-in temperature sensor and the ability to actually control other devices in your home via infrared remote. You can program the TN900RW to control your HDTV, blu-ray player, home theater, air conditioner, or virtually anything that can be controlled via infrared. Read on to learn more… “

Titan Paracord 100Ft Type III 550 Paracord Review


Another new review by me over on Technogog:


quote: “Here on Technogog, it’s not just tech we cover like computers and mobile things, but I look at it as that you could say that everything is really technology related in one way or another. Technology takes many forms, and it takes technology to do things and to improve things. So with this review I have for you today, we’re back to the camping and hiking or the outdoors theme. Paracord is something that has become very popular especially what they call survival bracelets which are made from paracord, but it has many more uses, too many uses to list really. Today for review I have 100ft of Type III 550 paracord from a company called Titan Paracord that I thought would share with you so read on to learn more… “

RTGS Micro LED Light Kits Review


New review by me on Technogog:


quote: “Up for review today I have something a bit different, two sets of micro LED lights. Yes they are LEDs meaning they use less power and put out virtually no heat at all, but since they’re micro they’re just smaller. These have no real official name, just Micro Leds and they’re from a company called RTGS that seems to specialize in lighting as they have numerous products on their website. In the pack I have today are two sets of micro LEDs with fifteen per string and they’re about six feet long. The LEDs are battery operated with two CR2032 batteries that should last about 24 hours with continuous use. Read on to learn more.. “

Tech News for Tuesday April 21st 2015


It’s time for the news and on my end Windows 8.1 died on Saturday for me. I turned it on, checked my email and then went to get a shower, came back and it was at a BSOD and it wouldn’t come back. I tried for over 20 hours total between Saturday and Sunday to fix it but nothing I tried would work. I gave up and did a clean install and lost a bit of work and of course I have to reinstall all my programs. Got most of them installed again, but I know I’m missing some, just can’t remember what. I guess I’ll figure it out when I got to use it…  Anyway, read the news..