Wrike Project Management App for Android Review


New review by me over on DSM..

Link: http://www.dragonsteelmods.com/review-of-wrike-project-management-app-for-android/


Quote: “Work, work, work, that’s all we do. Not fun, but it’s something we have to do for sure. There are things out there that make work easier and even quite possibly a bit more fun in the process. Wrike has what they call a project management app for Android that you can use with your tablet or phone to make it easier for everyone on your team to collaborate on projects that you might be working on. I didn’t know who Wrike was so I visited their site and found out that many big companies rely on their services like Paypal, MTV, Adobe and HTC, just to name a few, so they’re not just a little company.

The app lets you be more mobile and it lets you keep track of the status of projects, and even your team, no matter where you are. It isn’t just for big companies, small companies can use it as well to make life easier and to help get things done to make their business thrive. I’m in process of creating and developing an ecommerce website and, including me, there are only four of us involved in the process, and I’m finding it’s hard to get people to respond to emails. I need things to get it done on my end, but when I don’t get responses in a timely manner I can’t get the work done. There’s a time zone difference, but there also seems to be other issues, like when emails just get lost in the shuffle of everything else. I’m finding that doing this via email might not be the best way to go about it and something like the Wrike project management software might be a better way as it helps keep everything in one place and I think it would help keep people more focused and on task.

So what follows is a quick review or overview really of the Wrike Android app. I should note I haven’t actually used it for a project but I think I’m going to try it out as I do think the app has some great potential… “