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720×300 is not Full HD!

Since when is 720×300 resolution considered FULL HD?

I got free Star Trek movie with Seagate FreeAgent Go right?

They give you a code to go to Paramount and get, and I quote: Star Trek movie in full-HD

I redeemed my code and downloaded the movie, but the resolution is 720×300?! How is that “full-HD” exactly?

I always thought official HD resolution started at 720P or 1280×720 ..

Is Paramount creating their own specs now?

One could say, “but hey, it’s free right?” and to that I would say “they advertised FULL HD not fake HD”

What gives Paramount? What specs are you using?

Tried Pepsi Throwback…

I’m a Coke drinker myself, and I don’t like Pepsi at all. Today though I was at the gas station and they had bottles of Pepsi Throwback so I thought I’d grab one thinking maybe real sugar might help the taste.

And Nope, I still don’t like Pepsi with corn syrup or without.

I do like Mountain Dew Throwback, it does taste better than regular Mountain Dew.

For now I’ll just stick with my Coke, in cans, not bottles. Yes I’m picky, it does taste different.

Gamestop sucks and makes no sense…

I think I’m going to quit shopping at my local Gamestop in favor of another one. I’ve got one that takes less than 5 minutes to drive to, I could even walk if I wanted, but the last few times I’ve visited have not been nice. Or I may just stop shopping at Gamestop altogether seriously, I can order them online from Amazon and get it delivered to my door.

A couple weeks ago I go in to trade some games in, I don’t really care about the whole trade-in thing, I know it’s kind of a rip-off but it’s convenient for me. I take care of my stuff, I’m an adult not a child who just throws things around. My games are always in their cases and handled with care. Trading the games in they hit me with a $4 refurbish fee for what looks to be a defect in the disc itself, it was just a discoloration.  It wasn’t a scratch or a scuff mark, I know that, I know the game works fine, I played it, I finished it. I tried to argue with the guy but he said he thinks it needs refinished so that’s that, take it or leave it. I wasn’t really arguing, I just said that’s not a scratch it’s just a discoloration in the disc itself, but he wasn’t having any of it.

My kids wanted to trade some of their games in, now we cleaned them before taking them in, yes they had a few small scratches but they played fine I can attest to that fact. My son ended up with $2.31 for three games after they hit him with refurb charges on all of his games. This is just BS surely.

My other son traded in four games and ended up with about $6 after they hit him with fees on all of his games.

They’re running this new program where you get an extra 20% on trade in,  but it seems they’re getting around giving you this bonus by hitting you with refurb fees for every game, and the fee is more than what the extra % is. So you’re really losing money.

The other day I go in to grab  a combo game, it was two game for $19.99. it’s Mirror’s Edge and Fracture. never played either one, but I always wanted to try Mirror’s Edge and for $10 I figured why not. The Gamestop site doesn’t say it’s an online only thing and I’ve seen other combo packs like this at my Gamestop so I figured I’d give it a try. I found out it’s an online only thing…

I figured while I was there I would grab DeathSmiles, the box is on the shelf, I take it to the counter and they don’t have it in stock. Then I watched the guy take it back and put it back on the shelf knowing full well that they don’t have it in stock?! WTF? Seriously you know it’s not in stock but you’re going to offer it for sale?!

Today I go to get Mafia II, a big game, with a lot of hype behind it. No I don’t pre-order games, I get a lot for review, so why pre-order when the game might show up on my doorstep, and if it doesn’t I just go buy it if I really want it. Gamestop has none at all unless you pre-ordered it.

How does that make any sense at all? A big game launch like Mafia II and you don’ t have any at all to sell to walk in customers?!?

I don’t understand how they stay in business, they lie and cheat customers by saying the game needs refurbed when it obviously doesn’t, and they don’t have the brand new games in stock, but yet they have promos everywhere in the store for the game, in their windows, and empty boxes on the shelves for said game.  That’s false advertising if I ever did see it… They get you in the store with the ads, but then they don’t have it and expect you to buy something else I guess…  It’s a bunch of BS..

Hokey my helper!

Hokey is at again, he’s certainly not camera shy that’s for sure! As soon as I look away up he jumps and just gets all comfortable, he just doesn’t care what I’m doing…

86 hack attempts in 3 minutes..

wow.. that was interesting..

someone from Italy with the IP just attempted to guess my password and user name 86 times in less than three minutes..

Specifically they were in Veneto, Conegliano and they live off of Via Pompeo Molmenti road, or street.. and their ISP is Netscalibur S.p.A.

I love this little plugin I have that sends me and email with ip address and info of what they tried to use..

they were trying thing like the username of Admin, but  passwords like calvin, qwerty,kate, arthur, carlos, testtest, administrator…

oh well.. but they stopped at 86 tries…  fun-fun

Edit..   now we’re up to 126 attempts…   do people actually use passwords like 1234567, and 654321 ?!  that’s just stupid.. the best has to be ‘administatorpassword’ as the password!