Rough week and returning something to Costco

Been a rough year really with everything going on..

but this past weekend, on Sunday, my kids went to turn on my Wii to play it and it didn’t come on, I just bought it on the 30th of March.. got it replaced no problem but still, not even a month old and it died. Of course I lost all of my game info, so everything I did up to that point was lost so now I’ll have to re-play all of the games, which isn’t a bad thing I guess, but some of them I finished already and had many things unlocked

Then my new 47" LCD HDTV decided to start going as well, got that the 20th of March… all the black went a pixellated green color, it was a Vizio brand, and after doing some research I found this to be a common problem with that model… so back to Costco I went, and of course they stopped carrying that model, and the only one in the same price range was a 46" model, but it would be stupid for me to get a smaller one since I’ve already got a 47" screen protector. I was talking to the customer service rep at the returns and he said maybe I could talk to the manager and try and get a discount on another 47", there was about a $400 difference between the one I got and the one they had in stock. The manager ended up giving me a $100 discount on the new TV since they couldn’t replace mine with the same model. It’s another Vizio, but it’s the newer model, the 120hz version with three speakers built-in, and motion smoothing or whatever they call it along with some other odd named features..

I don’t know, it was the first thing I ever bought at Costco and I’m not too happy that I had to return it a little over a month after getting it, and honestly they weren’t very helpful about getting a new one for me. They kept trying to sell me the smaller one even after I explained to them that I had the 47" screen protector already. I guess $100 discount is better than no discount though…

One observation was that the manager just didn’t seem that willing to even help me out at all, I guess he didn’t really have to help me, but you’d think since it was my first purchase with them, and I had to return it they might be a little more willing to help me out. The manager was trying to say he couldn’t give me any discount since it was a newer technology, which I don’t understand what that had to do with it at all, I bought the TV from them in good faith, and it didn’t work, I was out of a TV and they didn’t have a replacement for it, I would have been happy to get the exact model as a replacement honestly..

oh well, live and learn I guess