Cleaning house, finding a bit of history.

So of course since my Mother died I’ve been back and forth cleaning the house out, she like kept everything, and really there isn’t much there worth much, it’s all basically personal stuff.

She had a big movie collection, DVDs and VHS tapes, my brother and I split those basically and gave a lot away. Lots of food as well, and stuff like shampoo, deodorant etc, she bought things on sale all of the time, sometimes four of five of each at a time so she had lots of brand new stuff there, so of course if it was usable, unopened, we split it up, no reason to throw it away.

Anyway, my Grandfather was a POW in a concentration camp in WWII, he brought a few things back with him when the camp was liberated, among them was a spoon.. doesn’t sound too exciting but it’s a nice piece of history.

DSCF4915 DSCF4933 DSCF4920 DSCF4924

Yeah it looks like a regular, plain serving spoon, it is very well made, strong and nearly unbendable, but the real special part of it is on the back:

DSCF4926 DSCF4929

No one seems to know what the ‘M’ is under the Swastika, and I’d like to also know what the logo is next to the word ‘Rostfrei’.

it has become my new ice cream spoon, most every other spoon bends when scooping ice cream from container to bowel, but not this one, no matter how hard the ice cream is it won’t bend… I think it’s cool anyway..

There’s also carved wooden pieces as well that my Grandfather brought back, but my Grandmother has those, there’s a small scottish dog, and two horse head bookends among others that were carved by the other POWs in the camp with him.. oh well, just thought it was an interesting piece of history, I’m sure if it could talk it could tell us many stories of where it has been.