Alexa Rankings Stinks….

So, one of my articles hit Slashdot, Engadget, Boing Boing and many other sites the other day, and is still actually being linked from sites… we had so much traffic the site was having problems handling it, moved some stuff around and we were fine again, but Alexa has our rankings as worse, actually the worst it’s been in like a year… how the hell does that work?

Our stats says it’s like the most traffic so far this year, but yet Alexa has traffic and the ranking as going up, or getting worse, I don’t get that at all..

For the daily ranking we had 9,000 something, then for the day we got the traffic it gave us a 19,000?!? How do we lose 10,000 points in ranking when we were slammed with visitors?

There’s something funky going on there….

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