What you’ll find here on my blog….

On my blog I’m going to write about me and my life obviously, but I’m also going to give you a sneak peak at the new products we got for review on DSM as well…

We just got some Diamond Thermal Compound for review, it’s 10% diamond, if you know about diamonds they are more thermally conductive than most any other substance out there.. It’s called Nano Diamond Thermal Compound and it’s from our friends at JetArt , all of their products I have reviewed have been very good. The special thing about this compound compared to all others out there is it is instantly 100% thermally conductive, no waiting for days and cycles for the compound to reach its maximum thermal efficiency, form the minute you apply it is it ready to go… and from what I have seen the temps have not changed since day one, I have had it on my Intel 955EE CPU for a week now running tests etc..

They also sent me a new active HDD cooler for review as well, look for the Nano Diamond review very soon, getting it finished up today..