RIP Molly Cat 2001 to 2014


So my cat Molly has been missing for the last few days and we found her today, dead and frozen under the porch. She was almost home, I guess she just didn’t make it up onto  the porch. She was old in cat years I  guess, about 13 in our years, so I guess she lived long, still I’ll miss her as she was a cool cat. She was a pretty cat I think, we used to call her Molly Bear, why I don’t know, or I don’t remember.

When she was little she used to sleep on my head, or on the pillow above my head and she was the only cat I’ve ever known that could open doors. We used to have those I guess French style handles, just like a curly bar that you pushed down or pulled up to open the doors on the bedrooms and Molly figured out she could grab the handle and pull down to come in when we closed the door.molly2

My youngest son, Vinnie, he’s nine, really liked her, he fed her and gave her water everyday, and he was sad of course.

We all loved her,  and we’re all sad.

Acer Deals for Black Friday


Quick post about the Black Friday deals on Acer products for you..


Black Friday is approaching, and here’s the scoop on Acer’s big deals with retailers!

Walmart will be offering the Acer Aspire V5-122P-0408 notebook for $199 on 11/28. It features a stunning 11.6" HD LCD 10-point multi-touch display and is less than 1 inch thin.  The slim design incorporates a full size keyboard plus 4GB of memory and a 500GB hard drive so it’s functional yet affordable.  (In-store only.)

Chromebooks are sure to be a hot item this holiday season, and Best Buy will make the offer even sweeter on Black Friday 11/28.  The Acer Chromebook 11 (CB3-111-C8UB) will be priced at just $149, which is $50 off the MSRP of $199.  This 11.6” HD Chromebook features an Intel processor, 16GB of storage and gets up to 8.5 hours of battery life.

If you’ve got a student to shop for this holiday season, the Acer Aspire ES1-111M-C7DE notebook will be a great buy at Target starting 11/23.  This notebook is typically priced at $229.99 but Target will price it at $179.99 during that period.  The ES1-111M-C7DE is perfect for a student’s backpack with full Windows 8.1 productivity, an 11.6” screen, and weighs less than 3 pounds.

Make those holiday dollars stretch further with $200 off a touch screen laptop!  The Acer Aspire E5-571P-59QA features a beautiful 15.6” widescreen touch display.  It also has everything you need to perform tasks – Windows 8.1, a Core i5 processor, 4GB of memory, a 500GB hard drive and 8X DVD drive.  The MSRP on this model is $599.99 but Microsoft Stores will offer it for just $399.99 starting 11/27.

How about a powerful new PC for the family to share and store all of your photos, music, and video files?  Consider the Acer Aspire ATC-120-UC22 desktop.  This model features a Quad-Core processor, 1TB of hard drive space, a DVD drive, and plenty of ports to connect devices (USB, HDMI, VGA.)  With the inclusion of Windows 8.1, you have full Windows productivity.  This model is on for $449.99 right now, but CostCo will offer it for just $399.99 starting 11/23.

65% OFF Thanksgiving Day Offer for CollageIt Pro


Here’s a quick deal for you on collage making software for Mac and Windows called CollageIt Pro, it’s 65% off for Thanksgiving..


To thank all the customers’ generous and continuous support, PearlMountain is launching a big special offer for CollageIt Pro for the upcoming Thanksgiving Day. From now to Nov.30, every interested people can enjoy the big discount offer here:

CollageIt Pro is an automatic and easy to use collage maker to create eye-catching collages in no time on both Windows & Mac. It is normally priced at $29.90, now only $9.90 during this Thanksgiving Sale, saving $20. Besides the highlighted features of ease of use, unlimited layouts, diverse templates and multiple output options in the former version, there are many more features in its newly updated Mac version. Just take this chance to try it out.

Cyber Monday Deal: PowerSkin PoP’n Battery Pack for One Cent



Yes you’re reading that right, PowerSkin is selling their PoP’n battery pack for only one cent on Cyber Monday. Yes there’s shipping and handling, but the total would be about $8 shipped for something that would cost about $60, so $8 is a  great deal I think…

PR for you:

PowerSkin, a leader in portable power solutions, today announced an incredible Cyber Monday promotion – consumers will be able to purchase the popular PoP’n battery pack for only a penny, plus $7.99 for shipping & handling. The battery packs are available for Android phones and iPhone 5 & 4 and currently are available for between $49.99 and $59.99.

The offer is available to consumers in the continental United States, all day Cyber Monday, December 1 from 12:00am – 11:59pm (ET). Orders can be placed at and the code “penny” must be entered at checkout. There is a limit of one unit per email address and the offer is for all “PoP’n” packs with the exception of the PoP’n 2. The chargers are available in a variety of colors including white, black, red and pink.

PoP’n portable chargers provide a strong boost of power in a completely versatile design. PoP’n is not a battery case, it’s a hybrid. Its unique design allows for quick, on the go power, only when needed. Press PoP’n right onto the back of a smooth surfaced smartphone or case, charge the phone up, pull PoP’n off and it’s ready to go! PoP’n’s slim design easily fits in a pocket, any bag, clutch, or purse and adds a bold dash of color to a phone should you want to accessorize and show your own personal style. The PoP’n chargers feature a 10mm case and lightweight design, weighing only 3.03 ounces with 2000 mAh battery.

For more information, visit

Should We Just Cancel Thanksgiving?


I don’t see the point of Thanksgiving anymore really, so why don’t we just cancel it? Yes I’m serious.

What is it? Hundreds of thousands of people  now have to work on Thanksgiving because these stores are just getting more greedy and have to open on Thanksgiving, so what’s the point anymore?

I thought it was a day to give thanks and spend time with your family but how can you do that if you have to work?

All these stores are opening on Thanksgiving now. It was bad enough that they were opening on midnight on Black Friday, but at least you got the chance to enjoy Thanksgiving and didn’t have to work, but not they’re just saying the hell with it and just effectively cancelling Thanksgiving for a lot of hard working people out there. I’m sure the owners and board members and all those big wigs aren’t working on Thanksgiving but they’re making the little people work. It must be nice to be able to spend time with your family and send tell subordinates they can’t?!

What’s the point of even celebrating Thanksgiving anymore when people won’t even be home. Sure stores are opening at 5pm, but they’re having these limited supply doorbuster sales which means people will be there on Thanksgiving morning to get in line so there is no Thanksgiving for them either. So we have all these consumers not celebrating Thanksgiving and then all the employees not celebrating Thanksgiving so what’s the point again?

I guess you just have to figure out what’s a priority family or bargains. Sure there are some great deals, but I won’t be there. I’ve never once been shopping on Black Friday and don’t ever intend to, but I have to admit I have been tempted. I sure as hell would never go shopping on Thanksgiving.

I have to wonder how Black Friday and being open on Thanksgiving might affect sales for grocery stores since I’m sure people are buying less right since they’re not exactly celebrating Thanksgiving?

Whatever… who cares as long as they make their money right?

I guess next year they’ll open the day before Thanksgiving and have sales then… Call it Gray Wednesday…