Vivree Kitchen Tongs Set Review


New review by me:


Quote: “So we’re back in the kitchen for another review today of the Vivree kitchen tongs set. This is a set of two different sized tongs at nine inches and twelve inches and they have push/pull style locks on the end for storage. These tongs are very well made of stainless steel and are heat resistant up to 480F so you can even use them for grilling if you wanted to. I’ve been using both pairs for a few days now and I like them very much, read on to learn more… “

Eachine Slim X3 6000mAh External Battery Power Bank Review


New review by me:


Quote: “Up for review I’ve got a 6000mAh portable battery pack from Eachine called the X3 or Slim X3. This battery pack is small making it portable but the best part is that it has microUSB and stand USB cables built right into the battery pack itself so you may not even need to carry any cables with you. Overall the X3 battery pack is a great products, read on the learn more… “

Pridebit Julienne & Vegetable Peeler Review


New review by me


Quote: “We’re going back to the kitchen for today’s review with a combination julienne and vegetable peeler from a company called Pridebit. I’ve never owned a tool to julienne vegetables as I’ve always done it by hand as that’s what most chef’s do, but I was really curious to test it out and it works well. The peeler side works great too, it’s extremely sharp and cut quickly and easily. This product is well made and best of all it’s inexpensive, so read on to learn more… “

Bartelli Soft Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener Review


New review by me..


Quote: “For many years before I did this I was a chef, but due to some health issues I can’t do it anymore, but that doesn’t mean I don’t cook and I still like kitchen gadgets. The most basic gadget is the can opener, they come in all shapes and sizes and styles and I’ve owned many different ones but never the soft edge style opener. Up for review today I have the Bartelli soft edge automatic electric can opener that opens cans from the top or actually the side and  unlike traditional can openers this one doesn’t leave a sharp edge that you or your kids could get cut on. It’s not a bad can opener overall, I’ve used it several times now and I like it. Read on to learn more… “

InnoVaper Precision Ceramic Tweezers Review


Yeah, new review by me…


Quote: “I review a lot of things and one thing I wish I reviewed more of was tools. I don’t mean power tools, but those would be cool, but I’m talking more of electronic and computer related tools. When you think of electronic and computer tools you probably think of screwdrivers and testers, but one of the most useful tools I have are tweezers. I have, I don’t know how many pairs of tweezers in all assorted shapes, styles and sizes and they come in very handy for all kinds of things.  When you’re building a computer and you drop a screw down inside it can be very hard to get at, a pair of tweezers can help. One problem is that most tweezers are metal making them conductive and possibly magnetic which isn’t the best for computer work obviously. I’ve also used tweezers while soldering and they can get hot, I found that out the hard way of course. The point is that tweezers can be extremely handy for all sorts of jobs big and small. Today for review I probably have the nicest pair of tweezers I’ve ever come across. These tweezers are sold for the vaping crowd, but they’d make an excellent addition to any computer or electronic toolbox for sure. These tweezers have ceramic tips making them non-magnetic, non-conductive and even heat resistant. Read on to learn more… “

I’m Sick, There’s Something Wrong with Me


I’ve debated posting about this as I’m a very private person and I don’t like sharing private things on the internet. I guess this is a rant because I’m angry, but it’s a confession maybe as well.

I’m sick, and no one can tell me what’s wrong with me.

I’m 43 years old and my body is betraying me, at least it feels that way.

They think it’s possibly MS, but they don’t know, all they say is ‘it can’t be ruled out yet’.

Been to medical doctor, he’s baffled, sent me to neurologist and he’s baffled. Neurologist sent me for tests, all kinds of blood work been done but really showed nothing except some vitamin deficiencies which would not cause my problems. Have more tests scheduled, want me to get EEG which I’m going for tomorrow, then he thinks I’ll need a spinal tap. I can’t have an MRI since I have plates and screws holding my skull together so I have to get spinal tap. Not looking forward to that.

I twitch randomly, especially when I’m relaxed. The twitching is really annoying.

My hands shake, my fine motor skills aren’t what they used to be. I have to concentrate hard on what I’m doing to do anything detailed.

Right now it’s hard to type this as my left hand just doesn’t want to work. It’s like I have to force it to type. And they’re both trembling, the left is worse though. I’ve been using a computer since I was like 8 years old and my typing speed is down to about hunt and peck right now and all kinds of mistakes.

My left hand/lower arm is like it’s asleep all the time, pins and needles like feeling. It’s always there, sometimes worse some days, but always there faintly. Sometimes it’s actually numb.

I drop things all the time now with both hands. I haven’t broken any dishes in a while though so I guess that’s a good thing. I have to concentrate on what I’m holding to make sure my hands stay closed on it so I don’t drop it. I still drop things though all the time, thankfully they aren’t breakable things I’m dropping…

Have good days and bad days, sadly the bad days far outnumber the good days.

I love to cook, was a chef, but I’m nervous now about using a knife. Afraid I’m going to twitch at the wrong moment and cut off a finger. That wouldn’t be a good thing I don’t think….

I get horrible headaches a few times per week. No it’s not my eyes, been checked, prescription is fine.

I can’t walk really now. A few years ago it started where my knees would just give out, and it’s progressed to the point now where I literally fall to the floor numerous times per day. I have to walk what I call ‘straight-legged’ where I don’t bend my knees or they just keep going and I fall. Even walking like that isn’t really helping anymore either so I use a cane. I’m afraid it’s going to come to the point where a cane won’t be enough either, at least that’s where it’s progressing.

I’m 43 years old and I need a cane and I don’t like it.

Three doctors have said I can’t work, so I can’t pay my bills. I don’t know what to do. Getting shut off notices now as I can’t pay utility bills. Wife works but her income is not enough and no one can help me.

I have no family I can ask for help, really I have no one. 

I thought about doing one of those go fund me things to try and get some help, but I’m afraid people wouldn’t believe me as there are so many scams out there now. Then again, why would someone just give money to a stranger? Then again there are good people out there I guess, or at least I hope there are, I have to believe that there are still good people out there anyway.

Yeah I applied for disability and was denied. I see these people out there who are clearly not disabled but yet they get it. Me, I have real, actual physical/neurological problems and I’m denied. It’s not fair. I do have an appeal hearing coming up but that still not going to help now, even if I win it could be another year before I even see benefits from them.

I don’t know, but there it is, it’s out there now…