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Happy Birthday to Me

Yep.. another year has gone by…  blah

and of course it still sucks… woke up today with a nice ‘overdraft charge’ from my bank, $36 for a $2.21 negative balance.

Fine I guess I screwed up, when I looked at my account statement this morning the overdraft was dated for today, and the item that caused the overdraft was actually paid today…

The problem here is that there was an electronic funds transfer to my account today that covered everything fine… so there should not have been an overdraft.

I went back this to check my account because I went and made another cash deposit late this afternoon and I noticed something a bit odd, the dates had changed for the overdraft and for the item that cleared, they changed to yesterday..

so to go over that, this morning the overdraft and charge were dated 2-27-08, but this evening they are now dated 2-26-08… I’m confused here, how exactly did the dates change within a few hours?

I believe there’s something fishy going on here, would they change the dates to make sure they got their $36 overdraft charge? I’ve never had a problem with my bank before, been with them for seven over seven years now actually and I’d hate to have to change everything now…

there’s just something not right going on here… I emailed them as it was after business hours, we’ll see what they have to say about it tomorrow I guess…