The Dark Side of us all

We all have a Dark Side, a side that we really don’t like to think about, the one that makes us slow down and look for blood, or look to see if someone is hurt in that crash alongside the road. While we won’t usually admit this is the real reason we are slowing down, it is, we all know it inside, humans are after all creatures and we have an interest in the macabre. We are just animals, we can rationalize it all we want but when it comes down to it we are just animals and we still have all of those primal instincts ingrained into our DNA. Those instincts are what keep us alive, if you strip humans of their ability to rationalize, our ability to think clearly, we still have our most basic instincts to fall back upon to keep us alive.

We as humans have a primal curiosity for things that are deemed illegal or considered the gray area of societal norms, we are curious creatures by nature and that will never change. That curiosity is what got man where he is today, if we didn’t have the urge to explore, create and discover we’d still be living in caves and hunting with sticks….

You might be wondering where I’m going with all this, well I’ve officially got my other site up and running, and on that site I intend to explore the gray or dark areas of society and attempt to satisfy curiosities of my own and others hopefully. On 666 I will be exploring a bit of everything I can and hopefully shed light on some of these things that are considered out of the societal norm.

The tagline is  ‘The Darker side of Computing..sort of’ but it’s going to be more than that, so drop by when you can and have a look, maybe you’ll come back again and maybe not. It won’t be updated everyday, but a few times per week with something I find to focus on that is not of the norm or is something that society deems undesirable  to discuss.

I’ve always liked the dark things in life and I have no shame in that…. so if you’re bored stop by

Death Note Giveaway at DragonSteelMods

Yep… we’re giving something else away!! Actually a lot of something else, 15 of them to be exact!

Review and Giveaway: Death Note Limited Figure Collection Cellphone Charm from Strapya World @ DragonSteelMods

I think most of us have a fascination with Japan, be it for their Anime and Manga or just for their sometimes very off the wall stuff they come up with. Cellphone Charms are very popular in Japan and are slowly getting popular here in the United States, our friends at Strapya World have sent me a full set of Death Note cellphone charms for review and to giveaway. It’s actually two full sets, or sixteen pieces, and these things are excellent in their quality and in the details that went into making them. So read on to learn more about them and how you can win one of fifteen Death Note Cellphone Charms, yep I said fifteen because I’m keeping one for myself….

And this is just the beginning of the freebies, Strapya World also sent me a few other things to give away to everyone as well!!!!

So, get on over there and find out how to win one of these 15 excellent quality cellphone charms and I’d be real happy if you’d spread the word about the contest with a blog post as well!!

Another Freebie from me!

What another freebie? Yeppers! Time to clear my attic of all those cool gooofy gadgets I have lying around, in September I’ll be randomly giving away all sorts of stuff so you’d better pay attention…

But first a Reminder about the R2-D2 Mimobot Contest, it runs till the 6th of September so get your entry in to win!

Ok now that I reminded you about that who wants a goofy little gadget for their desk or cube that’s a bit retro or psycho-delic?

This one is courtesy of our friends at USBGeek, if you haven’t figured it out yet it’s a USB powered Mini Lava Lamp and it’s something that I’m sure someone wouldn’t mind having on their desk to amuse them or maybe even annoy their co-workers! So if you want to check it out in-depth click the picture, or the link to be taken to the full review over at DSM where you’ll even find a couple movies showing the pretty colors of this little gadget!

So if you want it, a little link love would be nice, or just leave a comment, of course you’ll need to leave an email address so I can contact the winner. This little contest will run until Friday September 7th, and sorry but it’s US peoples only!

One thousand watts of power…

Looking back to not long ago I never really would have thought computer systems might need a 1000Watt Power Supply, I mean that’s a whole lot of power and we’re into the abbreviation range now, we’d call it 1kw instead of writing out 1000Watt!

The reason I was thinking of this is because I just finished up a review of an Ultra X3 1000Watt or 1Kw power supply and as I was testing it and even writing the review it dawned on me how fast things have changed in the PC world that we demand that much power.

And that’s nothing, Ultra just released the worlds first 16Kw power supply as well, that’s 1600Watts folks, I mean you need a dedicated breaker just for that in your house to run full tilt.  The boys over at HardOCP or actually Hard Enthusiast just reviewed it and found it to be excellent as well as a whole lotta power!

I mean think about it, I was curious so I checked out my fridge and it runs at 517.50 watts, it’s mid-range model, not cheap not fancy just the basic average fridge. So that 16Kw PSU is like running more than 3 refrigerators!! Of course that’s only if you are fully using the entire 1600Watts, and then in reality you are pulling more than that because it takes more watts than those 1600 to make that 1600. You’re converting your household AC into DC to power your computer… I mean wow, maybe buying stock in the electric company might help offset some of those electric bills eh?

Dunno just my thoughts for the day..


Hey check it out, TechBurgh has a little write up about DragonSteelMods

TechBurgh is a Pittsburgh based blog tech news blog, and if you didn’t know already that’s where I’m from..

but stop by and check them out!

Andy the owner seem really cool as well, we’ve chatted a few times in email… he’s just starting out with it so he could use a little support and link love from anyone willing to give it out! hint-hint

Gadget Review: USB Fragrance Oil Drive from USBGeek

Gadget Review: USB Fragrance Oil Drive from USBGeek

I love gadgets of all shapes and sizes, but there are some out there that I just have to ask why? The gadget I have for review today is one of those types where I just wonder who thought of this really?! The product looks like a USB thumbdrive but it’s actually a USB powered oil burner. It’s got a small ‘X’ shaped cloth pad on it to place a couple drops of fragrance oil, then you just plug it in and it heats up to diffuse the scent into the air around your workspace. Does it work? Sort of..

You can click the picture to be taken to the review to read it all or click the link above the picture as well…

And if anyone wants this goofy thing, throw your name in the hat by commenting on it…. and you can have one of the most useless USB gadgets out there today for free!

Finally Done

Well I’ve been hiding out for the last few days and re-designing DragonSteelMods website.

The original layout was just something I did to get it up and running basically and just never really had the time to mess with it and also I did try and try and try but I could never get it to work out correctly, there was also something goofy wrong with it, be it on the front end or the back end of the site. For example I had one template done and it looked awesome on the front end but when I got to the back end of the site, everything that was white turned black, and well black text on black background just doesn’t work very well does it?

Anyway, stop on over and check it out, I’m going to be upgrading the comments and adding them back in as well, so this should work out well!!