Postcards from WWII – part 2

I’ve got 19 more scanned in, these are the only real ‘War’ related postcards that he had.

Clicking the thumbnails will open them in a new window, sized 1024×768 approx

I like this one quite a bit, if you look closely at the blonde girl on the right side of the picture she just looks so pissed off.. Like ‘why are they taking my picture?’

The next eight postcards are self-explanatory… They are marked on the back with the Grogan Photo Company, Danville, ILL. I like these a lot as well, it’s amazing to see the ‘technology’ they had back then to fight wars with.

These are all scenes from the war, photographed by the U.S. Army Signal Corps:

These last ten depict the Liberation of Paris (Liberation de Paris), as for any identifying marks, they say ‘real-photo’ C.A.P.-Paris and each has a description of the scene which I have under each one for you.

Taking of Military School American Flags at Military Parade

The F.F.I. parade Place de la Concorde (left)

The Official Procession Rue de Rivoli (right picture)

General Eisenhower at the Unknown Soldier’s Tomb (left picture)

Official Platform Place de le Concorde (right picture)

left to right in photo:

General Koenig

General de Gaulle

General Bradley

Welcome to the ‘Jeeps’ General de Gaulle with the tanks.

The tanks pass in the Champs-Elysses (left picture)

General de Gaulle (right picture)

Well that’s it till I scan more in…. Enjoy!

TechBurgh and Tubu Internet Solutions bring you $10/year Hosted blogs

I just got an email from the folks at Techburgh and they’ve worked out a deal for some very affordable hosting, it’s less than $1 per month to have you blog hosted on their servers… very nice deal actually, and you’ll become part of the TechBurgh blog network so it basically includes some basic promotion for your new blog as well… now a bad deal, too bad I already have hosting…

But here’s the email with the info:

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A little piece of History- Postcards from WWII

Well I decided to do a bit of cleaning up in my attic and came across quite a few things I had long forgotten about, namely my grandfathers postcard collection… It’s not really a collection, but it’s from his time in the Army during World War II, he collected quite a few postcards from the states and in Europe. So I figured I’d scan then in and share them with people…

The first set is sort of not postcards, I think they were used to put into a letter as a funny type thing, not sure exactly what they might be called.. anyone know? but there are 18 total of them here for you to check out. According to the Copyright they were made by Curt Teich and Co. I did a bit of research and found they are very popular for making postcards…

Anyway, here they are… The thumbnails open to a new window which the picture will be 1024×768 resolution.. I scanned these in high resolution and brought them down to size to be a bit more internet bandwidth friendly. Oh, they were scanned in with a Planon Docupen RC800 portable color scanner if you’re curious…

I think my favorite one is number six actually.. the one about the nice ass…

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-On a side note… I was just checking my stats and on Google I’m ranked #5 for searching for my first name… interesting, and a bit odd

RIAA -Bunch of cry babies!

The RIAA is a big old bunch of cry babies… They actually need to just go away, they are effectively stealing money from the music industry, the actual musicians and artists themselves if you think about it. These guys make so much money it’s stupid to think they are in trouble and going broke, if you listen to their whining you’d think they were about to file for bankruptcy.

There’s an interesting article from the President of the RIAA over at NEWS.COM,  Click HERE to read it if you wish, but be warned it’s just a bunch of whining…

They are making money in the billions and are complaining about it, what was it? Over a billion cds and downloads were legally sold… hmm, I wish I had the money the RIAA claims it doesn’t have, I could live very comfortably on that…

I’ll be honest, I do think it’s a bit unfair to the artists to not make money off their work, but sharing is what people do in life, and it’s fun…

I can say I’ve never had any P2P stuff installed in my computer,I never got into it like that..Don’t get me wrong though, I love music and all that, but I live in a college town where there are a few USED Cd stores here and I can easily pick up cds for very cheap, in fact almost all of my music was bought used, yeah some of it was bought new, but only if I really wanted it and couldn’t find it in a used store.

I’m waiting for the day when they finally try and really push to outlaw that as well, I know they tried a little bit ago and I never heard anything more about it…

In the end they are a bunch of greedy pricks, I really don’t see a need for the RIAA anymore, don’t you think that the artists should see 100% of their money, and not have numerous percentages taken by all sorts of groups who claim to be working in their best interest? IF they really want to their artists maybe they shouldn’t take home such a large salary, or take such a large percentage of the artists profits, that would REALLY be in the best interest of the artist and the biggest help to them…

Oh well… somehow though I don’t think the RIAA will ever go away… Until they try and make it illegal to stop selling and buying used cds I essentially don’t care what they do… In essence if you think about it, used cds are a from of sharing as well, but just don’t let the RIAA in on that…

Nothing will change until the artists finally get fed up and tell them and their labels to go to hell… from what I’ve read the artists really only make money on tickets and merchandise and they don’t make much on the sale of their actual music because these groups take most of the profit, until they realize that they’ll never be free to actually create and own their music themselves…

Nothing to say.

Don’t you just hate it when you really have nothing to say but you feel guilty for not updating your blog?

I mean I could sit here and think and think, but it seems like I have writer’s block or something and I have nothing to say.

I guess I should start making a list of ideas as they pop into my head so I have them for a later time because I’ve realized that as I get older and my life gets more hectic I just can’t remember much  and I feel the need to write everything down so I don’t forget it. The problem there is that when I write things down, these little post-its accumulate on my desk and pile up to the point where they get in the way and I push them aside where they get lost…

Oh, well… who cares what I have to say anyway right?!

Google Adsense Video and YouTube

By now I’m sure most of you now know that Google Adsense has rolled out their Adsense YouTube player… I was very curious about this so I figured I’d give this a shot and see how it works, and to check it out live….

So here goes my version I made to match this site… and I added it to the sidebar as well, but I think it’s too big… but as you can see just adding the code into WordPress works perfectly fine

-Another interesting thing I see is that it apparently knows when to show the video and when not to… I have it on the sidebar as well, but when it’s displayed in my post it only shows a text link on the sidebar, but if you go to another page or post it will then show that video on the sidebar.. very cool!

Watch the latest videos on

300 Reviews for DragonSteelMods

Well I just got finished posting review number 300 over at DragonSteelMods, should I be excited? Yeah I guess I should be.. Am I? Not really…

I’ve got great sponsors, and many more products up on the review bench with more coming in, but yet  I just don’t really feel excited about this ‘milestone’ in my sites history… It doesn’t seem like that long ago I hit number 200, and why I keep track I’m not sure…

For me personally I think this marks somewhere over the 600 mark if you count articles as well that I’ve had published on the web, but is it doing me any good? It doesn’t seem to be… Oh well, maybe I’m just depressed is all.. who knows..

anyway, drop on over and check out my review of the new  OCZ ATV Turbo 4GB USB Flash Drive, it really is a great device, it’s now my personal favorite that will be used all the time for any types of data transfers.

Click HERE or click the picture to go to the review..