All is not lost! Thank you PhotoRec and CGSecurity!

SO after 10 hours of using every DOS based utility I could get my little paws on, I had no luck, I was at my wits end… Then I did a bit of research and found a program called PhotoRec from CGSecurity. Now I knew I had the DOS based version and for whatever reason it wouldn’t work correctly for me, it didn’t see any other drives besides the one I wanted to get the data from, so in other words I couldn’t save the files it recovered… I went to the PhotoRec site and found that they have a Windows (and Linux) based version as well, downloaded that and it worked! Only took a little over 2 hours to complete and so far it seems I have everything..

The only drawback is that it renames everything to F1,F2,F3 etc etc…

Here’s a screenshot of when it completed it’s recovery for me which you can click to see it larger..

but you’ll notice that it recovered over 26 thousand JPG files for me.. that’s a whole lot of renaming.. not to mention all the other files in there as well.. but I don’t care.. I got my data back!!!!!!!!!

I also used PhotoRec on the two XD Picture cards I used on Saturday, got all that data back and more… PhotoRec recovers even the files that were deleted if they weren’t written over yet…

This program has now become a permanent part of my little toolbox..

After that I spent most of the day doing back ups.. I went a bit overboard with it, saving all my stuff to four hard drives and 10 DVDs but oh well…. I think I’m going to use a RAID Mirror from now on for that hard disk that way I’ll be almost sure that this won’t happen again, of course I’ll still be backing up frequently as well to an external HDD

But if you need to recover your lost files go and check it out:

Tragedy Strikes Again! Another HDD bites the dust

I swear if it wasn’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all… last month I had two hard drives up and die on me.. not a big deal they weren’t important but still inconvenient as hell though….

So normally I do my backups every Sunday evening when I get some alone time, today I went to access my videos and pictures from the Cyberconxion last night and my HDD is acting all goofy, so I restarted the computer and I get a nice Corrupt Master File Table error.. this means I’m pretty much screwed… on my laptop now while I’m trying to rebuild the MFT, it’s 200gigs so it takes a LONG time to scan the drive to find the mirror MFT to rebuild from… it really pisses me off that this drive is only a couple months old, I think it’s still in warranty, it was a refurb segate, but I don’t care too much about the actual drive I just want the data, it’s all my work from all week, things I cannot get back, including pictures from my sons Christmas party he had at school on Friday…

…so of course this HDD had to crash on the day do my backups didn’t it? I do manual backups, but I do believe now I will be doing daily backups to TWO separate HDDs only updating the changes, it might be a waste of space but in the end it will have to be worth it right?

I’ve got to be cursed… this stuff only happens to me I swear, and I just don’t understand… I must have been one mean evil MOFO in my last life, because only that can explain the nasty shit I’ve had happen to me in my 35 years on this earth…..

PGH Cyberconxion and the 3rd Space Vest

So.. as my luck would have it my plans for last night were a bit altered by the wonderful weather we have in Pittsburgh, of course we got all kinds of snow, freezing rain and ice everywhere… at one point it looked like a blizzard last night.

I still went to Cyberconxion to test the vest out and still got quite a few people to try it out and we had fun actually…I was expecting more people as they did have a party scheduled for 16 people but they never showed because of the weather.. we’ll see what happens now… I’ve got to edit videos and get them uploaded to YouTube

Pittsburgh Cyberconxion



If any of you are from Pittsburgh, or close to Pittsburgh… I’ll be at the Pittsburgh Cyberconxion tomorrow (Saturday December 15th) from 4pm to 8pm demonstrating and letting people try out the TNGames 3rd Space Vest. I’ve got it for review and I thought what better way to test it out than let gamers use it. I’ll be recording their experiences and reactions to be used for part of the actual review to be posted over at DSM.



Of course I’ve got a bunch of stuff to give away while I’m there as well to random people who help me out to test the vest.

Busy,busy a new site…

Wow.. I’m a just so busy lately, I’ve just got a ton of new products in, an MP3 player, another USB drive, keyboards, USB stuff…  I didn’t realize it’s been so long since I updated this site..

anyway, I’ve got a new site launched on BlueFur called dsmTechNews is a sister site to

Tech News from around the world the way you want it, the way it should be!

There are many, many news sites out there but none quite like this, the majority of them are great sites but they usually only focus on one thing.

The aim of this site to to promote product reviews from sites around the world to let people easily find them for their reference.

On dsmTechNews you’ll also find Press Releases from companies as well, and news about new gadgets.

I’ve also created a category just for contests that other sites are having so you can easily find them and maybe win something cool.

I visit quite a few tech news sites, but that’s just it, I have to visit quite a few of them to get the latest news and especially reviews of new products from popular sites. It’s easy to find tech news, but that’s usually all you’ll find is news on new products coming out, I wanted to create a site where you can find not only news about upcoming products but also find reviews as well.

The site will be updated at least twice per day, but probably more depending on how busy we are

Hershey’s Organic Chocolate

I love chocolate and always have, but of course as I grew up I became a bit more sensitive to ‘good’ chocolate and was always willing to try something new.  Pretty much every kid likes chocolate and knows the name Hershey and has their fair share of Hershey Chocolate Bars.

Personally the original Hershey bar isn’t my thing, it’s ok, but I’d rather not eat one… but ever since I can remember I’ve loved the Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate Bars and I remember as a kid eating all of the miniature Special  Dark bars out of the assortment bags my Grandma would buy.

So I went shopping at Toy ‘R Us last week to get stuff for my kids for Christmas and I looked around for something for myself also and really couldn’t find anything I wanted.. imagine that, out of all those toys I couldn’t find something for me!

Anyway on my way to check out I came across a candy display and the Hershey’s Organic Chocolate bars caught my eye, of course being something new I had to grab them both, the Dark and Milk Chocolate varieties.


Oddly though when I went to look these up on the Hershey’s website they aren’t there anywhere… and I searched quite a bit more and really found nothing listed about them really anywhere, just a gift basket with mini Organic Chocolate bars in it on the Hershey’s site.

In my research though I found that Hershey’s recently purchased  Dagoba Organic Chocolate (press release here) and my guess is that these bars I picked up are somehow related to that. On the packaged it says they are made in Germany, but that’s about it.

The chocolate comes wrapped in thick paper, almost cardboard covering with the actual chocolate wrapped in foil inside.


The Milk chocolate bar was a bit beaten up, but the Dark chocolate was in perfect shape:


As I said I like Dark chocolate very much, but not this one… it’s very acidic and leaves a nasty aftertaste in your mouth, unlike other dark chocolate bars I’ve tried. I’ve tried many, many types of chocolate with varying degrees of cacao percentages, I think 80% was the highest I’ve tried so far. This bar does not mention the percentage of cacao, but it can’t be that much if it’s not mentioned right? Overall I’d stay away from this bar of chocolate even if you’re curious as I was…

The Milk chocolate Organic bar on the other hand though was very, very good, making me wish I had bought two of those. It has a nice creamy texture with hints of fruit and a slight coffee taste as well, but not very sweet either, it’s as close to a perfect Milk Chocolate bar as I’ve tried in a long time.

TNGames 3rd Space Gaming Vest and a bit more

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any product previews for DSM, but I’ve got a bunch of stuff and always more on the way!

Just arrives today was the TNGames 3rdSpace Gaming Vest, this thing it cool.. I was playing with it a bit tonight actually.. It comes with their own game called Incursion, but there’s also mods for Doom3 and Quake4 as well and it is supposed to work with COD2 as well.

also arrived today was the new Noctua NH-U12P CPU Cooler (I love their stuff) and their new thermal compound as well!

and this week also brought the new SteelSeries 5l hybrid mousepad, this thing is nice, I like it quite a bit.. I’ve only been using it for a few hours but so far I like what I see and feel!

This week I’ll be posting my review of the OCZ SLI DDR2 PC26400 ram as well, this is some great stuff if you run SLI and even if you don’t it’s pretty damn good!

Speaking of SLI, next week I’ll be posting my review of the two EVGA 8600GTS cards that I’ve got as well… they’re pretty good cards for a budget system, and they’re very quiet even under load which is something I like the most about them

and I’ve got my review of Nero8 Ultra coming up as well, I love Nero software, some people complain it’s all bloated etc, but I’ve never had a problem with it, I like having the ability to do pretty much any damn thing I want with one suite of software at a relatively low price, especially considering what you get

Of course I’ve got quite a bit more as well, and Tom has a few products also getting reviewed for us!