Hosting Companies, I don’t like GoDaddy anymore and shopping for a new webhost

So Bluefur was offering a special this month for 1year of hosting for $10, I figured why not go for it, I’ve been meaning to set up another site for sometime now and I thought that would be perfect for it… it’s another techie blog, not quite finished yet though… not sure if I’m happy with it.

I found the special over at his post about the special is HERE and I see there are only 63 packages left as of writing this post.

But I just wanted to say that Bluefur is really cool, especially compared to GoDaddy… obviously I transfer all the information via FTP, pictures etc to my DragonSteelMods and this account. If you have a WordPress or any website you do this as well most likely.

Transferring stuff to my new site via FTP on Bluefur was amazingly fast, I was shocked by how fast it was, the site itself is very snappy and fast also. My GoDaddy accounts are slow to do this, originally I just though it was my internet service that was slow for uploading, but as I can see now that’s not the case it’s GoDaddy that is slow.

Bluefur also has some great customer support as well, I was thinking of just migrating this blog over to them before I decided to create the new site and I had numerous questions about the migration process and other questions as well. They answered all of my questions quickly and actually answered them.

I’ve been thinking about moving DragonSteelMods for some time now to a new hosting service and I’ve been looking into many of them, emailing my questions and seeing what kind of support I can get.

Some companies haven’t even responded yet! How can you not respond to an email from a prospective new client or customer?

I had another company (media temple) who just quoted my the things that were on there website and never really answered my questions. I even went so far as to point this out to them, that they didn’t answer my questions and they just quoted me from their website, I got back a response that was yet another quote from their website…

If you can’t answer simple questions for a prospective customer then how can you expect that customer to give you their business? If that’s what I can expect from support there is no way I’ll be working with them…

Another reason I need to leave GoDaddy is that they recently migrated my website to god know where, and now it’s much slower than it was before, and I’ve noticed a drop in traffic as well since this migration occurred.

This is the reason my account was migrated:

Your hosting account,, is being migrated to
a new server within the next 24 hours.

So that we may continue providing the highest quality of service
to all of our customers, we are working to reduce the Java server
capacity being used by hosting accounts that are not utilizing
JSP/Servlets functionality.

I’m not by any means an expert or even a knowledgeable person when it come so to the hosting end of websites so I have no clue what that means exactly… Can anyone tell me?

but since the site has become slower that means it really is time to move on to a new webhost, and that isn’t going to be easy at all with my site. At the moment it takes about 6 hours to download for backup, my site via FTP, I’ve got some 19 thousand pages, and thousands and thousands of pictures stored there. It’s gonna be fun but I do believe that I’ll be moving to Bluefur!

Tis the season- Buying Guides!

It seems like everyone puts out some sort of buying guide this time of the year, so we decided to do a short one as well over at DragonSteelMods.

Tom wrote up a nice selection of things he’d like to see under his tree this year, and I think a lot of other people would too!

Tom wrote it up, but I searched around for the lowest prices I could find on the things he choose, so if you’re looking for that perfect gift for the Techie in your life drop by and give it a look. You could always forward it to other people as well who might be wondering what to get you this holiday season!

Click HERE to check out our picks for this holiday season!

Bloggers Showroom

A couple days ago I was browsing around a bit and ran across a very interesting site called Bloggers Showroom, the idea of the site is to showcase blogs essentially, but it’s more than that really…

One of the more interesting parts of Bloggers Showroom is that it can actually help to make your blog or website a better one. The owner, Vince Enzo, takes a nice large screenshot of your site and posts it, under that are several questions about the appearance, feel and style of your site so others can vote on it and you can see what people think of your site.

To submit a site you’ll have to join the site, free of  course, and then vote and comment on two other sites he has listed, then he puts your site on the front page just like the others.

It’s a great idea really, and it can help bring traffic to you as well by allowing people to ‘discover’ your site through Bloggers Showroom.

I submitted DragonSteelMods to Bloggers Showroom, and I’ll be submitting this site as well soon..

You can see the page about DragonSteelMods HERE and vote on it as well.

So hop on over and join, vote/comment on a few sites and submit your own to the Bloggers Showroom! I like the idea a lot, it’s a really cool concept!

I’ve had four people vote for me already and I can see that someone voted the worst for me for every question.. That’s nice of them wasn’t it? Thanks!

Click HERE to go there About page to learn more about them.


Well I’ve just ran across rssHugger and I thought I’d give it a try to see what’s it’s all about.

To join rssHugger you need to do a review of them or pay $20 if you don’t want to do the review…

I’m curious as to how you’re supposed to do a review when you aren’t really using their service yet though, I’m not quite sure how I can review something if I really have no experience with it. I don’t think they want a review of their service as much as they just want the exposure for rssHugger through a post on your blog.

But from their site:

rssHugger is a unique website that aims to bring bloggers and readers together. rssHugger aims to provide blog owners with a unique easy-to-use way to promote their blogs by sending them traffic, building backlinks for search engine optimization, as well as attracting new rss subscribers if the content is interesting to the reader. rssHugger aims to help visitors be able to easily find blogs that write about subjects they are interested in. These subjects include: internet marketing, making money online, charity, sports, gambling, and many more. If the visitors find a blog that they had not previously heard about, they can easily add it to their RSS readers or bookmark it.

To get your blog listed, you must make a blog post/review about rssHugger on your blog and submit the link. All you have to do is register your blog. Your blog will not be listed until an admin manually approves of your post (FREE).

Of course I’ll give anything a try to get some more traffic, and I’ll update this post and maybe just make a new post as to how rssHugger works out for me. It all sounds interesting and it would be nice if it worked out as well as it is suggested it will.

EDIT: and HERE is my rssHugger page… I ran into a  snag that Collin (the owner) personally fixed when trying to submit my site, now that’s service!

Noctua NF-P12 fan and a nice surprise!

So I got the new Noctua NF-P12 120mm fan today for review, and I got a very nice surprise with it as well..

Two surprises actually, they sent me a nice Noctua branded pen, which is ok, but the real surprise is the recognition that DragonSteelMods got from Noctua…

I almost missed it actually, there is a fold out section on the box that displays the technology involved in the design on the NF-P12, but at the bottom is a little section about awards their previous fans have received.. and DragonSteelMods is listed!!! WooHoo…

Some real recognition for all my hard work! It feels very good to see that, it’s actually very exciting, especially since it’s from one of my favorite companies, I love Noctua products and always have..

Check out the pics:

It might not mean much to most people but it makes me feel really good.. a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside!!!

and heres’ the links for the reviews of those fans



So Thanks Noctua for the recognition!

ATM Fees Suck!

I’m sure most people already know that ATM fees are just stupid, why should we have to pay blackmail to get access to our own money?

Seriously though, does it really cost $3 for a bank that is not mine to let me use their machine and give me money? So basically they are charging me three dollars for them to connect to my bank and see if there’s enough money to give me what I requested.. It’s goofy, it’s extortion is what it is…

So I had to go downtown recently and of course there were no parking spots on the street so i had to use a parking garage, it sucks really because I only had to run in for a quick 15minute meeting, but of course I got charged for 30 minutes. Luckily this was on a Saturday and 30 minutes to 1 hour is only $2 at the garage I parked in.

Normally I like to have some cash on me, or I’ll hit the ATM on my way to town, well that day I didn’t have any cash and of course the ATM was out of order at my bank, they were doing the maintenance on it… So of course I figured I’d be alright because I had change for the meter or I could just use my card to pay for a parking garage.. So as I said there were no spots on the street to park so I went into the garage to park, well when I got done with my appointment I went to pay, it’s all automated so there is no one there to take your money, and when I try to pay I find out that the machines are not accepting credit cards right now… So my nearest bank is about 5 blocks away, I really didn’t want to walk, so I hit the closest ATM that was only about 100Yards from the parking garage. I took $10 out, got charged $3 by that bank, so I get my statement in the mail from my bank and THEY CHARGED ME $1.50 as well for that transaction!

So it essentially it costs me $6.50 to park for 15 minutes. The ATM charged me $3, my bank charged me $1.50 for using a strange ATM and the parking was only $2….

$4.50 FEE for withdrawing $10 OF MY MONEY!

There’s something wrong with this system, there really is…

I don’t get it…

So yesterday I posted on here and DSM about the sale that USBFever was having, the MicroSD reader for 1 penny plus $3 shipping…

“Ultra Slim T-Flash (Micro SD) Card Reader for 1 Penny!

original price US$11.99/pc
sales price US$0.01/pc-Can’t beat that deal… but I believe there is a $3 shipping charge, still though it’s a very good deal..”

Well I thought it was a great deal so I posted it on a couple forums I frequent thinking other people might like to have one for basically $3.. it’s a great deal and most think it is… but today I get a PM from one of the mods on a forum that I won’t name, telling me that they deleted my post about the deal… telling me something along the lines of since they are a sponsor of mine I shouldn’t be posting things like this… essentially saying, (without actually saying-reading between the lines here…) that I was getting some sort of kickback for the deal… how much of a kickback could I possibly get when the thing sells for ONE PENNY?!?!?

I mean, I could be off base here, but that’s what I read into it, that it was being deleted because they thought I was getting something in return…

I thought I was being nice by sharing a great deal with others….

no good deed goes unpunished eh…

oh well..whatever