Halo 3 pt2 – spoiler warning and gizmodo

Oh well… if you haven’t seen it yet, and if you don’t want to know, Brian over at Gizmodo posted  a video where he re-bags all the Halo 3 swag and then throws it off his balcony, and then gives away the ending to the game…

what a moron… I’m not a Halo fanboy or anything but it’s wrong how he treated the gear that was given to him and it’s really wrong how he gave away the ending of the game…

I mean yeah he can be pissed off at the comments he got, and I agree totally that he did treat the stuff wrong in his first video unbagging… he just tossed the stuff around his room like it was garbage… but why would you go and spoil the ending of the game for everyone else just to get back at a couple assholes who posted rude comments and supposed ‘death threats’ about him…

I don’t know… I guess he’s just a total asshole, and I’ve lost quite a bit of respect for Gizmodo now… not that that really means much though…

anyway, the things I treat carefully and with respect, I guess it’s because I’m happy to get them and thrilled that the companies would give them to me… I guess Brian is just a fucking primadonna who thinks he deserves what he gets from companies… I know if I was in the marketing dept of the sponsors for gizmodo I’d be thinking twice about sending anything to Brian anymore, just for the lack of respect and just basically for being an asshole….

Oh well…  it must be nice to get great stuff like that from Microsoft and literally throw away a few hundred dollars worth of stuff… I just don’t understand it… what an asshole

Halo 3 – Hey Microsoft


I want one of those cool Halo 3 limited edition press kits!!!!!!!!!

The ones with the limited edition Xbox360 and all the other cool stuff!!

I don’t even care about the special personalized gamer tags, just send me the other stuff


Oh, well.. figured it might be worth a try… it’d be fun reviewing over on DSM anyway… and well, I’m sure my kids would like an Xbox360 seeing as I never got one yet…

Guess I’m dreaming though, my site is nowhere near as popular as the likes of Engadget of Gizmodo… so my chaces are pretty slim for getting set up with one of those kits eh..

Seeing the Horses

So, I drove the family about 2 hours today to go visit some horses…

My wife’s friend’s girlfriend takes care of horses for a living so she invited us out to see them and ride them… Normally it’s $35 for each 1/2 hour of riding, but we got to do it for free of course… so that was cool.

The kids loved it and so did my wife, but I didn’t…

Honestly I’m like afraid of horses, I wasn’t always though, we would go riding all the time when I was younger but now for some reason I just don’t like them… but at least I’m not alone, I was chatting with the girl who works there and she said that’s actually a very common thing.. so go figure, as I got older I grew afraid of horses?!?! I dunno why, they seem ok, they’re friendly and all that, but they just creep me out for some reason… I think it’s the eyes… or maybe the fact they they could kill me with one swift kick…

I found that they’re easily spooked as well and that’s not a good thing, we were told no loud or sudden movements while we were there… as we were all walking the horse they were going to ride to the riding area one of the ‘farm’ dogs came running out and barked, the horse literally jumped.. it was interesting to say the least…

oh well…


Oh, I’ve just posted part 2 of DragonSteelMods coverage of the Pepcom Holiday Spectacular, so click HERE if you’re interested to learn a bit more about what Tom saw while he was there…

He’ll be at the Digital Experience this week as well to cover that, it’s a bit of a bigger event though..

Arrrrrrrr… Talk like a pirate!

Yeah if you haven’t already been reminded it’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day !!

Avast ye landlubbers, get off that 21st Century contraption that yer fingers are banging on and get outside and enjoy the salty sea air…

or if your not by the sea just get outside and enjoy the last few warm days we have left this year!

and go visit the pirate ship at Writenonsense if you want to walk the plank!

oh and on the technological side of things, Crucial, one of DSM’s sponsors is celebrating Talk Like  A Pirate Day by giving some stuff away!

Viagra traffic sign?!?

Ok,. I drive by this sign at least once every day, and have done so for years, I finally decided to grab my camera and take a picture of it….

This sign looks like the stages of an Erection…  we like to call it the ‘Erection Sign’ for obvious reasons.. but almost every time I see it I have to sort of giggle… (yeah I know childish and all that, but you gotta admit it’s funny!)

If you click the pics they will open to a very large resolution picture of 2272×1704 .. I thought maybe someone might like to use it for their desktop wallpaper! heh!

SO now we need to come up with a caption for it to make it more interesting….

Maybe Viagra should use this sign for a new advertisement for their wonder drug!

Some slogans for them possibly:

‘On the road of life there’s only one way to go : Viagra’

‘The way to get ‘ahead’  in life’

Dunno… come up with some others.. I know you can!

Ways to increase traffic to your site.

Let’s face it, we blog for other people, sure we blog because we like it, but what’s the point really if no one reads it right?

So how do we bring traffic or visitors to our sites to read what we ramble about?

There are several ways to do this of course, and I’d like to touch on a few and maybe help others out who are trying to get traffic to their site.

This is by no means a complete list, just something off the top of my head that I compiled quickly for this post:

Contests and GiveAways:

This is probably one of the easier ways to get traffic to your site, and of course get link backs as well. Hold a contest and give something away like a prize or money even, people love to get free stuff and especially love money. The best thing to do is to do it randomly, have people link to you with an anchor text of your choice and just randomly draw a winner when the contest is over. The idea of the anchor text and link is essentially to bring traffic and also to help your search engine rankings by using that particular anchor text to identify your blog.

A couple examples would be:

Hey It’s Free – He blogs about free stuff you can find, including contests offering free stuff, if you have a contest then drop him a line

ContestBlogger – There are quite a few blogs that are just blogs about contest, but one that is becoming popular very fast is Contest Blogger, he’ll post about your contest and even have it featured for a price…


Have people review your site, especially if you are a higher ranking blog, you can offer to link back to other blogs if they review your site, this not only helps you with a bit more exposure but also helps out ‘the little guy’ who is trying to make a name for themselves and sends some quality traffic their way as well.

Community Traffic Generators:

There are a couple popular blogging community sites out there, these help to link blogs together and help individuals find out about new blogs as well that they might be interested in.

MyBlogLog – is by far the most popular blogging community out there, it’s easy to use and very well done.

BlogCatalog – is sort of MyBlogLogs competition, BlogCatalog works but just not as well as MyBlogLog, personally I just don’t like the feel of BlogCatalog, but if it helps to get more traffic then join either way right?

Technocrati – sort of falls under the community traffic generators, but it’s not quite as community oriented as the above two are, but it does work very well at bringing traffic and we all know that Technocrati is used for ranking your site.

BlogRush – not quite a community traffic generator, but they work with you displaying a widget on your site, like I have at the bottom right. Every time you get a page view, your site gets a link on someone another BlogRush widget. It’s listed under community because it takes the community of bloggers joining to make it work. It’s a very interesting and very new concept that I’m curious to see how it works…

Social Bookmarking Sites:

Social bookmarking sites are a lot harder to get into, but they can bring a bit of traffic to your site and if you’re VERY lucky they can bring a whole lot of traffic to your site and make you very popular overnight… but it doesn’t last long…

Digg – we all know what Digg is, no explanation needed

del.icio.us – another type of social bookmarking site that can work as well as Digg does

Reddit – it’s a different type of social bookmarking site, a bit more on the conservative side I think though..

The next three don’t quite fall under Social Bookmarking but they sort of work the same way..

StumbleUpon – has become very popular, it sort of works on the social bookmarking but you have a browser plugin or toolbar that allows you to essentially vote on sites or articles

DIY News – not many people really know about DIY News, but you can submit stories and users can vote on them. They have an interesting rating system where your story/article can be voted on and commented on as well.

Slashdot – Slashdot really isn’t social bookmarking as it is editorial bookmarking, you submit something and just hope it gets picked by one of their editors….

Feel free to comment on others out there, as I said this is by no means a complete list, just something I threw together that I thought might be a bit interesting to others out there…