3D Printed Controller Knob for Monoprice MP Select Mini–My Design


So there are a lot of replacement controller knobs out there for the MP Select Mini and I tried many of them but none of them were what I wanted personally. Sure they worked fine, but I wanted something that kept the original knob top and could still be used with the bed over top of it and one that made spinning the knob easier like for moving the axis or activating the extruder and I wanted something taller as well as I found it just makes using the knob easier.

Another Biohazard Spinner Fidget

Here’s another Biohazard spinner fidget, but this one didn’t work out well. The bearings just fall out and I found out you need to glue them in, I don’t like the idea of gluing them in. The creator of the spinner actually says you need to glue them in place, nope, I like being able to remove them. It is a nice looking spinner though.