Life and 400 Reviews posted..

Yep, I just got done posting the 400th review on DragonSteelMods,  nothing exciting though, just a 92mm fan from Scythe. It’s kind of exciting if you’re into the technical aspects of it all, it uses Sonys Fluid Dynamic Bearing and PCB that Scythe tuned to their own needs.. so that’s rather cool, considering that I never knew Sony had anything to do with fans..

I was planning on doing something else ‘special’ for review for the 400th, but life is just too busy, and I really don’t have anything ground-breaking or amazing to review.. Sure I’ve got quite a few things up on the block for review, but nothing amazing as my little site just doesn’t rate getting anything really cool for review…

I got the TRUE, (Thermalright Ultra Extreme) CPU Cooler for review, but that’s kinda old, many sites have reviewed that… but I did finally finish up my C2Q CPU Cooler roundup, I just need to compile everything into nice neat little graphs and get it posted….

but oh well, another year goes by I guess…

Laptops and Pawnshops

So my buddy just picked up a semi-new laptop from the pawnshop, his daughter wanted one and he felt it was time to upgrade his old one so he got a Dell XPS with Windows XP MCE on it. Not a bad little laptop, dvd/rw in it, P4-mobile CPU, it’s fine for what he does with it, basically watches movies with it and hits the internet via dialup (yes he uses dialup).

So of course he comes to me with the laptop and asks me to clean it out and install anti-virus etc on it. He told me the guy at the pawnshop ‘cleaned it out’ already, but I found out all he did was run Disk Cleanup and delete a few things in the My Pictures folder.. and that’s it… Apparently the previous owner was very much into porn and filesharing, there were literally hundreds of porn movies on it along with a couple hundred mp3s. He also had limewire and morpheus installed as well.

Now if you’re going to sell a laptop wouldn’t you format the drive or at least make sure everything is gone? I found pictures of him and his girlfriend on there and videos of him and his girlfriend doing things that I really didn’t want to see being done… I found records of AIM conversations and all kinds of personal things on there, now if I was the nefarious type of person I could have had quite a bit of fun with this stuff, I’m sure the folks over at Pornotube etc might have liked the homemade movies of him and his girls and the ones of her stripping for him, of course not to mention all of the personal data that was on it…

there was so much there it was amazing that it was left on there for anyone and everyone else to see.

Of course though it’s all deleted now, but if someone else other than me would have gotten that laptop bad things might have happened to this guy and his girlfriend and his friends as well.

How it got to the pawnshop I’m not sure, but they do their part in getting id, filling out forms etc and waiting the 10 day waiting period before turning around and selling it, so no one claims it, it then becomes available for sale or purchase.

apparently this guy was/is a college student and he used it for school work, but most recent things I found on there was dated 2006 so who knows where the laptop has been for the last two years…

but my buddy got himself a decent laptop for $300 at the pawnshop…

So of course the lesson for today would be:

Don’t sell your laptop at the pawnshop before you make sure it’s nice and clean, or format the hard drive!

Happy Birthday to Me

Yep.. another year has gone by…  blah

and of course it still sucks… woke up today with a nice ‘overdraft charge’ from my bank, $36 for a $2.21 negative balance.

Fine I guess I screwed up, when I looked at my account statement this morning the overdraft was dated for today, and the item that caused the overdraft was actually paid today…

The problem here is that there was an electronic funds transfer to my account today that covered everything fine… so there should not have been an overdraft.

I went back this to check my account because I went and made another cash deposit late this afternoon and I noticed something a bit odd, the dates had changed for the overdraft and for the item that cleared, they changed to yesterday..

so to go over that, this morning the overdraft and charge were dated 2-27-08, but this evening they are now dated 2-26-08… I’m confused here, how exactly did the dates change within a few hours?

I believe there’s something fishy going on here, would they change the dates to make sure they got their $36 overdraft charge? I’ve never had a problem with my bank before, been with them for seven over seven years now actually and I’d hate to have to change everything now…

there’s just something not right going on here… I emailed them as it was after business hours, we’ll see what they have to say about it tomorrow I guess…

1yr old tomorrow

Yep. Tomorrow, the 26th, my little blog will be 1yr old.

In that year what have I learned?

Well… not much.

I’ve learned that I’m too busy to worry about this blog. I guess that’s something, not that anyone actually reads it or anything right?

Kinda like talking to a wall, or one of my kids… when I ask a question on here I mean.. oh well.

…and the day after that I’ll be yet another year older, but not any wiser that’s for sure…

My 2yr old is cool!

My 2yr old son Vincent is the coolest kid.. and actually he’s the best out of the three that I have, he listens, he’s polite (says thank you, your welcome, helps out) and he’s just all around fun to be with…

I was taking pictures last week of the Ultra M998 case I got for review and he decided he was going to help so he got out his toy camera and took some pictures as well, I thought it was cool..

He also likes those temporary tattoos that seem so popular now, OCZ sent me a big one with their Christmas  Card and I really didn’t have any use for it, so I figured I’d give it to him, he thinks it’s just so cool, he just loves it! Already a geek who knows quality stuff at 2yrs old! That’s my boy!

AT&T Continued…

Does anyone know about AT&Ts retention program at all?

I’ve tried to find others out there with experiences with leaving AT&T and what they did to keep them but it’s few and far between, there’s quite a few for Cingular out there, which I guess is the same now…

any, so after I emailed them again with a few more questions they decided NOT to email me back and actually call me about this so I can’t copy and paste their responses..

but they told me that NO they do not normally tell people their contract is expired, they mentioned that users can easily find their contract information on the website where their account info is… I still think that’s wrong not to tell people about it, kind of cheating people that might want to leave…

and as for my upgrading the phone even though I never got one from them, they said oh well, if I want a new phone I have to pay the online prices with no special discounts… even though as I said I never got a phone from them in the first place, obviously they don’t care about keeping customers too much eh…

and they still couldn’t find my information and insist that I’ve only been a customer for the last 2 years since I became a Cingular customer, my time with AT&T before Cingular apparently doesn’t exist anymore..

hrmmm.. oh well, guess I’ll be checking out T-Mobile or Verizon now, wonder what specials they have over there?! Most of the people I deal with have Verizon so that’s sort of a good reason to switch to them, mobile-to-mobile would be free..

AT&T Wireless and my contract

So I have AT&T wireless for my cellphone service and as of now my contract is up with them.

It should be as easy as just re-upping right? Well for me it’s not, while I’m happy with the service I don’t like how they do business overall and especially their customer service practices.

Most likely I’ll stay with them as I can get a phone call in my house so that makes me happy. I’ve tried Sprint and Cricket and about 75% of my calls were missed using their services.

Now I signed up with AT&T originally over three years ago, it’ll be four coming up, but in the middle there they switched to Cingular as everyone knows and now they switched back to ATT. The point is that I signed up for a 2yr contract originally with ATT, but the changeover to Cingular made things weird and I was told that I would have to switch over full time to Cingular, so of course I did and they told me that I would be out of my contract with ATT and start a new one with Cingular. So that’s fine I guess, I like the idea of rollover a lot, as of now I have a little over 2,000 minutes in my rollover, but what bugs me is that according to ATT I didn’t exist, or I didn’t have an account with them until this past two year contract. What happened to the time I was with ATT before the merger? I don’t understand that at all, it’s as if I didn’t exist to them, I only had about 4 months left on my original contract but switched because they told me that I had to, so where did the 20 months go?

The main reason I question all of this is because about 5 months ago my phone started acting up and I remembered that if you’re with ATT for a period of time you are eligible for a new phone, so I figured hey I should be fine right? Wrong apparently, because of this little thing were I didn’t exist, and they have no records of me being an ATT/Cingular customer before this current 2yr contract. So I was screwed there, no matter what I did, no matter what proof I had, original contracts etc, they said I wasn’t in their system so I wasn’t their customer… dunno.

Anyway, I have three phones, one is a smartphone that I rarely use anymore because it keeps locking up, and two others that are exactly the same, just basic cheapie flip phones that I don’t care if anything happens to. The point being is that those were my phones, and not something I got from ATT, I brought my own unlocked phones with me, so really shouldn’t I be entitled to a phone to begin with since I never got one from them?

The next gripe would have to be that  I was never told my contract was up now with ATT, I had to ask them when it was up and they said ‘now’. They text me, email me, snail-mail me all kinds of stupid offers and junk but yet they can’t notify me of something important like my contract being up with them? Why?

I don’t know.. actually I totally lost my train of thought towards the end there, my friend called me needing help with his computer and he’s one of those people that literally is lucky he can even find the power button, he’s just amazingly frustrating to try and explain things to. He doesn’t know what I mean when I ask him if he can see his desktop? I have to explain to him that it’s the screen where all the icons are… it’s just like WOW! I just want to scream right now from talking to him. He was here not more than two hours ago and I walked him through step by step on my computer and even wrote down instructions for him, which he didn’t follow and totally forgot what I showed him to do… sigh