3D Printing

Z-X Axis Stabilizer Bar for Monoprice MP Select Mini


So I made something else for my wonderful little printer. Well I made an existing thing better I should say, it’s a remix of another part, but it’s really a new part altogether now. It’s a stabilizer bar for the Z and X axis of the Mp Select Mini but only if you’ve upgraded the bed which I’ve done.

Here’s some more pics of the parts and it installed:

zx1 zx2 

zx3 zx4

I very much liked the original stabilizer bar design but I didn’t need space for LEDs and I found the bar a bit too thin and flexible for my liking so I decided to beef it up a bit as I didn’t fell it really added any real support.
I thickened up the bar first but then decided to do the same with the small bracket as well to make it match.
It was labeled as an x-axis stabilizer bar but now it’s more for both Z and X but you need to use other parts to be printed and bought, like LM6UU bearings.
Please note this bar can really only be printed on the 4DM Brutus bed and it has to be positioned diagonally on the bed, but it fits fine that way.

You can find it here over on Thingiverse, the STL files to print and more details:  https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2507095

Monoprice MP Select Mini Spool Holder–My Design


So I found a great spool holder for the MP Select Mini but it wasn’t perfect, I had to redesign or remix it. I found that the most spools rub on the bracket so I made it longer and I raised it slightly as well. Now it’s perfect in my opinion.

Here’s the original on the right and mine on the left to compare:


Here’s the link on Thingiverse:

Monoprice MP Select Mini Spool Holder Remixed Larger and Longer

3D Printed Punisher

Yeah I haven’t been posting much here lately, just don’t feel like it. Kinda stopped using my 3d printed for a while, dunno, just bored I guess, but printing some more stuff.

Here’s white and gray Punisher logos: