Le Pan TC 970 Firmware Update Information

Ok, it looks as though Le pan has made it much easier to update your TC 970. I love mine and still use it often, it’s once of the best Android tablets out there and best of all it’s inexpensive. Get one, you won’t be sorry!


Anyway, to get the update you need to go to the Support page http://lepan.supportsync.com/


Then click the ‘Latest Firmware for LePan TC 970 Tablet Computer’

which would be here: http://lepan.supportsync.com/articles/view/Latest_Firmware_for_LePan_TC_970_Tablet_Computer_11


Then you’ll see links to download the three files, Firmware, Applications and Instructions.

It’s very simple to do but follow the instructions and make sure you UNPLUG the USB/charger cable before powering-on the tablet or the upgrade process will not start.!!


Here are the links for you:

Firmware: http://www.supportsyncfiles.com/lepan/firmware/Firmware_4431_LePan_TC970.zip

Applications: http://www.supportsyncfiles.com/lepan/applications/TC970_Preset_APK.zip

Instructions: http://www.supportsyncfiles.com/lepan/firmware/upgrade_instructions.pdf


Right now Amazon has the Le Pan TC 970 for $229.99, which isn’t bad at all.

if you get the tablet I can highly recommend getting the POSRUS Antiglare screen protector as well. The TC 970 is great but the screen is super glossy and it’s annoying, the screen protector works perfectly to reduce glare by about 90-95%

  • nick p

    When i click on the link it says its unsuccessful. What should i do

  • BJ

    Attention: 1. You must UNPLUG the USB/charger cable before powering-on the tablet or the upgrade process will not start.
    2. If “Firmware file is bad!” error message is displayed when starting the upgrade process: This error is actually reporting that the file can’t be found (no need to try downloading again). If this happens, first make sure the MicroSD card is inserted in the tablet correctly and that the 3 firmware files are in the ROOT directory. You may also try a different card or RE-FORMATTING the card (copy the files from the card to your PC, FORMAT the card, then copy the files back to the card).

  • BJ : I don’t understand why you posted that as I already did, it’s right there in the posting…

  • gregv

    Once you have downloaded the files they have to be unzipped before you can move them to the root directory. If they dont unzip properly this is a sure sign the down load is corrupted. After moving all the files to the root directory the upgrade worked fine.

  • So confused…I tried everything the instructions say. I wouldn’t consider myself computer illiterate, but holy crap. What do they mean with ROOT??? Just so confused and ready to throw it out the window.